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Shanghai Electric Import and Export Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Shanghai electric) was founded in 1983, and became a shareholding company limited after the reorganization of assets in March 2004.

Shanghai electric to operate mechanical and electrical products import and export business, the company's main products are motor and machine parts, gear box and spare parts, pumps and valves and spare parts, auto parts, various materials machining parts, complete sets of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, electrical engineering materials, steel pipe, stationery and footwear products etc.. The vast majority of the products are sold to developed countries and regions such as the United States, Japan and Western Europe. Shanghai Electric has strong technical development and quality control ability, and can develop or manufacture the high quality products that the user needs according to the requirement.

Shanghai Electric has established related factories in China, has stable production and processing bases for export products, and has also established joint ventures and stable sales networks abroad. At present, various types of trade and cooperation relations have been established with the merchants of dozens of countries and regions around the world.

Shanghai Electric has a perfect import and export trade function. Besides the import and export trade, it also deals with processing trade, entrepot trade and service trade mainly based on mechanical and electrical products. Shanghai electric actively participates in all kinds of domestic and international bidding, and has accumulated rich experience in bidding.

Shanghai Electric has passed the latest ISO9001:2000 (click to see) standard quality management system certification, implementation of "people-oriented, rule by law" management policy, strengthen and standardize enterprise management. Shanghai electric development ability is outstanding, the product quality is excellent, the production strength is strong, is ready to provide the satisfactory service to the customer with the excellent and the omni-directional work at any time.

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